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Seek professional help from a family therapist in Temple, TX

Healthy families support and encourage one another during trying times. If you or a loved one are facing a loss, divorce or traumatic circumstance, such as teen dating violence, consult a family therapist in Temple, TX to strengthen your family bonds.

LIFE is the Journey, LLC offers a variety of counseling services, including loss therapy and marriage counseling, which are designed to help you and your family overcome challenges. To schedule an appointment, call 254-340-4534 today.

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How to choose the right therapist in Temple, TX

Healing follows when you find a counselor you trust. Your family therapist should be someone who is:

  • Empathetic. We understand the unique struggles faced by civilian and military families in the Temple, TX area.
  • Experienced. Our counseling services, which include play therapy and couples therapy, are suited for all stages of life.
  • Compassionate. We'll help you develop effective coping strategies and become the best version of yourself.

Contact LIFE is the Journey today to speak with a compassionate family therapist in Temple, TX.

Is your marriage coming apart after a recent deployment?

Many Temple, TX military family members are forced to deal with loneliness, anxiety or depression while a loved one is deployed. Marriage counseling can help you and your spouse reconnect. To schedule an appointment for couples therapy, contact LIFE is the Journey today.