Rekindle Your Passion Through Marriage Therapy

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Infidelity, personal loss or financial hardship can put a strain on any marriage. LIFE is the Journey, LLC provides compassionate marriage therapy services to help you and your spouse learn to trust each other again. To schedule an appointment with a couples counselor in Temple, TX, call 254-340-4534 today.

It's okay to seek professional help

It's okay to seek professional help

Because there are many misconceptions about seeking therapy, some people believe that couples counseling is only for married couples who are divorcing. In reality, couples therapy is ideal for partners who want to learn to cope with life's challenges together.

It may be time to schedule a marriage therapy appointment if:

  • You're aware there's a problem. Many Temple, TX couples turn to marriage therapy to learn how to compromise or reconcile.
  • You're unable to communicate effectively. Whether you can't agree on a budget or raising children, marriage therapy can teach you how to empathize with your partner.
  • You want to set expectations for your new marriage. We offer premarital counseling for couples who want to take the next step in their relationship.

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